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Lawyers Building a High-Profile Reputation

Successful lawyers usually have ambitions that go beyond the legal sector. High-profile attorneys are eager to share their expertise with other businesses, academic institutions and organizations. For example, a prominent criminal defense attorney might take on the role of an adjunct professor at local law schools. Such a professional would bring a tremendous amount of real-world experience into a classroom that mostly focuses on theoretical laws and regulations. Lawyers might also appear as guest speakers in exclusive seminars held at university and college campuses. Additionally, attorneys could inspire paralegal students in community colleges to pursue J.D. degrees and other higher-level law studies. 

Being active in the local community is another important priority for high-profile lawyers. Such legal experts might serve on the board of directors of cultural institutions such as museums, art galleries and performing arts centers. Attorneys can provide free legal representation for such important venues that educate and entertain people. 

Lawyers in the New York City metropolitan area are heavily influenced by the financial sector. For example, criminal defense attorneys specialize in dealing with white-collar crime. Inspired by Wall Street, NYC attorneys might also invest in some stocks and other packages such as mutual funds. Such investments allow lawyers to establish long-lasting connections with potential clients. After all, financial companies of lower Manhattan are at a high risk of being investigated for securities fraud, tax evasion and other allegations of white-collar criminal activity. New York City-based lawyers understand that there are plenty of opportunities for finding clients who will need the best legal representation. An attorney such as Joe Tacopina and other New York-based lawyers are examples of legal experts who have solid connections in the financial sector.

Some American attorneys are very proud of their heritage and they celebrate their background within the local community. For example, high-profile Italian-American lawyers might participate in Columbus Day parades in major cities such as New York. Similarly, NYC-based attorneys of Italian background might get involved in organizing major festivals like the Feast of San Gennaro in lower Manhattan. 

Being active at public events allows lawyers to build a solid reputation that will naturally attract new clients down the road. Additionally, some lawyers might use major events as a platform to gain support for political purposes. High-profile attorneys often have the opportunity to run for office on municipal and state levels. Most lawyers prefer to get elected in a local district where they live or have grown up. Such legal experts might be passionate about reforming legislation that will directly influence their own families and friends. 

High-profile lawyers also need to be transparent in the public’s eye. For example, information on net worth could be published on reliable news outlets and other magazines. Similarly, attorneys should not have a problem with sharing information about their earnings from investments and other ventures. Wealthy lawyers are usually philanthropists who contribute significant amounts of money to local charities. Donating to nonprofit organizations is a great way for rich attorneys to establish a positive reputation. Lawyers typically support academic scholarships that award students who are interested in studying law, business and political science. These are topics that most legal experts are passionate about.

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