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Managing Large Scale Maintenance In A Small Business

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. Small businesses comprise of entrepreneurs, local supermarkets, and local shops, among others. They cater to the needs of the local market or a significantly smaller part of the population. Compared to medium and large businesses, small businesses need not produce as much as the former to generate some profit. Small businesses have the same business needs, albeit on a smaller scale. Smaller needs translate to lower costs and higher probability of profit. Nonetheless, small businesses can still benefit from large scale services usually provided to larger businesses without breaking the bank.


Large scale providers offer a variety of services that can benefit all business models, no matter the size. Providers cater to a variety of industries including UGL power generation, power distribution, water irrigation and reticulation, municipal water and wastewater, freight and passenger rail transit, communication networks, intelligent transport systems, and resource generation, among others. These sectors and industries consist of both small and medium size to large size businesses. Thus, small businesses can still benefit from large scale services even though it may not be immediately obvious.


Large scale companies deliver and implement projects in a variety of stages: from commission, manufacturing, fabrication, construction, engineering, and operation. However, it doesn’t stop there. After delivery, these companies still provide maintenance services, decommission, refurbishment, and upgrade of systems. Most of these companies practice a through-life support service where they manage the systems from inception to its deconstruction and eventual replacement for a new one.


Large scale maintenance

Maintenance services are absolutely essential to keep critical assets in tiptop shape. Maintenance services extend the service life of the asset to reduce the chances of replacement or major repairs. The longer the service life of an asset is, the more the company’s investment is maximized. When investments are maximized, costs are lowered and the company generates higher profits.


Companies offering maintenance services should have advanced capabilities in contractor management, planning and estimating, materials planning, engineering support, procurement and logistics, and maintenance performance reporting, among others. These capabilities bolster maintenance capabilities and improve the performance of the provider.


Large scale maintenance and small businesses

Small businesses have the same needs, same infrastructures and similar systems as a large business, although it may be smaller in scale. It can seem counterintuitive to suggest for small businesses to engage the services of large scale providers; they may be providing services in larger scales than what the small business needs. However, large scale providers can scale down to meet the needs of smaller businesses.


Small businesses can benefit from expertise gained by large scale service providers in their dealings with larger businesses. The risk of cost overruns is diminished. Large scale businesses also tend to perform more efficiently and effectively than smaller providers, who may still be taking its baby steps when it comes to dealing with businesses. Lastly, large scale providers have the technical expertise required by large business that may have stricter requisites because of the larger extent of service provided.

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