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The Employer’s Guide to Dealing with an Employee Compensation Claim


Everyone has seen the advertisements on TV and elsewhere, asking people if they have had an accident at work. But there are no ads asking people if one of their employees has a had an accident at work. If someone on your staff experiences an accident or injury on your premises, it can be stressful for you, as well as them. It can be particularly worrying if they decide to make a claim for compensation. When someone has an accident on your business premises, there are certain procedures that you should follow. These are in order to fulfill your responsibilities under the law. Follow this advice to ensure that you carry out your responsibilities at the appropriate time. Your responsibilities range from preventing injury to dealing with accidents efficiently.

Firstly, you are responsible for making sure that you prevent the occurrence of accidents and injuries in the workplace. You can find out how to do this by consulting the OSHA regulations. But even when you have carried out the responsibilities required under the law, you cannot always prevent accidents. If someone does sustain and injury on your business premises, there are a few things you need to do. You must complete a First Report of Injury or a similar document, and submit it to your workers’ compensation carrier. You must avoid violating any laws or employee rights, including allowing your employee to visit a doctor.

If the injury needs to be investigated, you are responsible for working with your workers’ compensation carrier and their attorneys. You may also benefit from using your own attorneys from Brown & Crouppen Law Firm to make sure you’re protected. You may need to submit official documents concerning the accident and your employee’s payroll. The compensation firm may wish to see the employee’s personnel file. An attorney for the employee may contact you. Allow your compensation carrier and attorneys to handle any requests for paperwork.

When your employee returns to work, you must welcome them back to the company. You are not permitted to fire them or penalize them for filing a compensation claim. You could face serious civil or criminal charges for doing so. Once your employee is ready to return to work, you must provide them with any necessary help. It’s also important to assess whether the cause of your employee’s accident is something you can prevent in the future. This is in both your interests as it will prevent further claims from other employees.

Another responsibility is assisting your state workers’ compensation board in stopping fraud. Both employees and employers can commit fraudulent activities concerning injury claims. While employees can commit fraud by lying about an injury, employers can also commit fraud. For example, they could fail to provide their workers’ compensation carrier with a First Report of Injury. This is an attempt to keep their claims history down. But employees would soon wonder why they weren’t receiving their benefits.

It’s important that you take accidents and injuries in your workplace seriously. You should address them as soon as possible, and work together with the necessary parties.

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