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Why You Should Make Document Shredding A Regular Part Of Business

Unless your name is “current resident” you probably have experienced or known someone who has been affected by identity theft. About 47% of identity theft victims reported that they have problems getting credit and loans after being victimized. They also spend between $850 and $1380 in expenses when dealing with their case. If you are lucky enough to catch the identity thief, you are legally allowed to sue them, however, thefts from mailboxes are out of control and laws aren’t going to help much unless you take extra precautions to be on the safe side.

For most people, shredding documents in a professional and proper manner would go a long way toward keeping their confidential business informationsafer. If you are looking into professional shredding services in Markham, start by treating all of your business information like you would treat your own personal information. Shredding all documents that no longer needed is the best option for privacy protection. Highly confidential information, such as customer lists, client information, credit cards, payroll records, sales receipts and other documents need to be treated with the utmost care. Taking the appropriate steps to safeguard these things is not only your responsibility, but a legal obligation as well. So before you let the information become a fair game to anyone who goes dumpsterdiving, shred them.

For improved convenience and safety, a business should not opt for recycling its documents before they are shredded because
recycling whole documents may not bea safe practice. Moreover, recyclers are not obligated to ensure the safety of information in their custody. You should always shred anything that has an account number, signature, social security number, legal and medical data. Other documents to shred include bank statements, address labels, cancelled checks, credit and debit cards, sale receipts, credit reports, profit-loss documents, employee information, and payroll statements; just to name a few.

Many companies offer document shredding services to businesses who want maintain confidentiality. These professional shredding companies, like Absolute Destruction, have shredders that finely shred the papers and endure longer when they are kept well-maintained. Best of all, their services are affordable and reliable, which means you don’t have to review or consistently interpret how each paper can be best shredded every time. A professional shredder is even more flexible with time because the shredding must be finished within the given time frame. This may explain why many big businesses are relying on shredding companies rather than doing it themselves.

When identity thefts are rampant everywhere, these paper and document destruction services can significantly decrease the risk of exposing confidential data. The key to business growth is to have customer trust, which can be achieved by implementing document shredding into your business practices. Not only is document destruction important for protecting your business, it is helpful in keeping the environment free of clutter and potential hazards. Shredding services will make more time available for other tasks and save your workers and colleagues from spending valuable work time on such a mundane task. 

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