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3D technologies could help you with your projects

New technologies are fascinating. There’s always something new to make things easier. A new technology is usually to accelerate a task, make the results more precise or to automatize an action. Sometimes a new technology can do all that and more than what was expected at first. 3D technologies are used in many fields and have many functions. We all know about 3D printers and how they can build an object easily and precisely. Here are some things you may not know 3D can do.

Precise measurements

Besides building objects, 3D can also help analyze and measure objects. If you have to measure every part of an object with a complex composition, it could be impossible for a human to measure and computerize every angle and every millimeter. It could also be really long and risky depending on the level of precision required. You may not have the time to do a task like that or the budget to hire someone to do it for you. If you need to have a computerized representation with measurements of a complexly shaped object, work with a 3d scanning service. This kind of service will help you accelerate the process and eliminate the risks of imprecise measurements.

3D scanning services can also be useful if the object is voluminous. Some of the companies providing these services offer the option of moving their equipment to your office and do the scanning directly where the object stands.


3D can also help with prototypes. If you want to develop a new item and you want to know what it will look like, how it will be shaped, how heavy it will be and what would be the size, 3D technologies can also help you with that. With 3D scanning services and 3D printers, you can computerize the process and have a representative precise prototype quickly.


Many artists like to keep themselves constantly updated with new technologies. They want to know what will be the next big thing and they want to experiment. 3D technologies offer lots of options for artists. The advantages of 3D printers on time spent and on ease are obvious. An artist can now quickly do a sculpture in many materials without any manual dexterity. They only have to know how to use a 3D printer and to be creative. 3D scanning can also help with the dimensions of artworks to know exactly what size they are in every possible angle.

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