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What Does Your IT Person Do?

Regardless of your company’s size, you probably have someone there that acts as your business’s IT (information technology) person. Whether it is an actual employee that you pay, maybe yourself, or just a handy nephew, someone is taking care of your IT needs in some shape or form. But are they doing what is needed for your business or do they just do their best to help you out because you don’t have anyone else? It might be time to contact an IT solutions company to further your business in the future.

What Can an IT Person Do for Me?

The real question to ask is what they cannot do for your business. A quality IT person can definitely make your life easier as a business owner. Below are just a few jobs they can fill from within if they were under your employment.

Help Desk

An IT person could be your own personal help desk in two different ways. They can be who you turn to when having difficulties with your computers and programs so you don’t have to contact outside help. And on the other hand, they could be someone to help customers figure their own problems out as well.

Manage Programs and Devices

How many times are you at the mercy of outside computer help showing up at your door to save you in a moment of crisis? With a company or person managing your IT needs, you no longer will have this problem. They can take care of your programs and computer devices so you are no longer relying on others less qualified to do so. A proper IT person will manage the hardware installation, updates, and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Network Administrator

Do you know how to manage your own server and network? Probably not. Let someone that is qualified do it for you. An IT person can take care of all of this.


Your IT employee can even install phone equipment, printers, and develop your own email system. It will be just like when Pinocchio became a real boy. Your business will become a real money making company.

Data Manager

Your business probably has an immense amount of data piling up on your system. It might be your financial data or it could be data on your customers. In any case, an IT person can make sure this information is secure and safe.


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